Becca Goetz

Becca is a certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Barbell Rehab Coach (a program that specializes in helping clients transition from Physical Therapy back into a gym setting), as well as being a 200hr. certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She loves working with anyone interested in strength training, and she especially enjoys helping clients work around and through (chronic) low back pain, and varying injuries. 

Becca takes a more holistic approach to fitness with the motto that, “A movement practice should replenish you, not punish you.” She believes health doesn’t have a set size, shape, or number, and that food never needs to be “earned”.

When she’s not coaching or working out, you can catch her biking, or hiking with her husband, Ian, cuddling with their 2 doggos, listening to Beyoncé, and attempting to take care of all her plants.